What questions should you ask when deciding to revamp your team uniforms?

It’s the start of the season, and your team is looking for new uniforms for your club. Where do you start? Various factors need to be considered and discussed with different people. In this blog, we will highlight the best way to go about revamping your club uniform for the new season.

It is essential to set out what needs to be changed when it is required (when does the season start) and who is the best person to do this. So, what is the first step? The first discussion that needs to be had is with the club members and committee. Here you can discuss and map out the essential starting points of the uniform revamp.

Questions to ask your committee:

  • What are the essential items we would like changed?
  • Will the design change entirely, or will updates just be needed?
  • Who will make these designs/updates? Do we have a graphic designer to use?
  • When is the latest we should get our uniforms to make it for the season?

The answers to the above questions will differ depending on your chosen sport. For example, uniforms for soccer clubs would include soccer shorts and soccer jersey Australia Football League (AFL) would require AFL jumpers Australia season start dates would also vary dependent on the selected sport.

For example, you are an Australian soccer club looking for a fast turnaround for new custom soccer jerseys Australia based manufacturers are where you should look first. Research needs to be put into their experience with soccer clubs, and a portfolio of their work should be provided to you. This information can be brought back to the committee for further discussion.  

Questions that should be asked to the manufacturer:

  • What is your standard turnaround time for fully custom uniforms?
  • Do you have graphic designers in-house for our use?
  • How much would it cost for each product?
  • Do you have experience with clubs of our size?
  • Can you provide samples and test prints?

Australian-made and Australian manufacturers are the way to go. This will ensure the quality of the garments is high, and during this time, supporting Australian businesses to help with the economy is more important than ever. Sports Centre, Australia’s leading custom sportswear manufacturer, is proud of its Australian background and capability to produce items 100% in Australia from start to finish.

Shop Australian-made today. Contact Sports Centre for all your uniform needs. 

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